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Wyandotte chickens, hens, layers, chicks, and roosters for sale in Hobart, Huon Valley, and Tasmania.

Goats for Sale Tasmania


We currently have four goats available for sale. Two of these goats were breed on our property. They have all been raised in a healthy and chemical free enironment and have  all had their 5 in 1 livestock vaccinations.

Meet our Goats

GINA $275 (doe)

Gina was has been sucessfully bred twice. We waited until she was over 18 months old before she was first bred. You will find her to be well mannered and gentle.


Sundance $250 Thuragan (billy/buck)

Sundance is a Thuragan Billy (male) goat just over 3 years of age. He has proven to be a sucessful stud. He has sired 6 kids so far (with 2 does over 2 seasons) and knows how to get the job done. He has been raised in a healthy chemical free environment and has enjoyed a variety of foods in his diet. He is also full vaccinated (5 in 1 livestock vaccine). You will find him to be a playfull nonagressive Billy with many years of production in front of him

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