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Pray it! (Demo)Demo 1
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Pray It



I am broken, alone, and scared. So many sins, and so much sorrow.

I love thee Lord. But don’t know how.

Please take my spirit in your hand.


The evil within, remove it from my life. And fill- please fill, all that I am

With your love…your mercy…your grace…and grant me Peace.



I stand right here before you Lord. My heart, now open to your love.

My mind is ready to hear your word. My soul- it hungers for you.



Pray, Pray, Pray it to the Lord. Pray it out loud. And pray it strong.

Just lift up your voice and you’ll be heard. 

Sing Praise to Jesus. He is God’s word. Never be afraid to share your heart.

To get to salvation- you gotta start.




I know you have your dramas, and some excitements too.

Your heart, it may be broken, perhaps you’re in two.

There is one thing- a simple thing. It isn’t something new,

Just open up your heart, and pray to God so true.

Rough Demo 1

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