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Devil's Den Tasmania sells a wide variety of Tasmanian Souvenirs online

Devil's Den Tasmanian Souvenirs

Shipping and Handling Fees Online Tasmanian Souvenirs and Gifts

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Thank you for choosing to place an order from our range of Tasmanian Souvenirs

When you check out with PayPal, you will see that an $12.00AUD shipping/handling fee is automatically added to your total.

This fee is for domestic shipping throughout Australia only, and is Not for international shipping. All international orders will incur an additional charge for shipping and handling.

This fee will be based on: destination, weight, dimensions, and mode of shipping. Once your order is placed, we will contact you with your individual shipping options. Once you choose a shipping option we will send you the appropriate PayPal invoice for your order.

Alternatively, you can contact us (see below) Prior to finalizing your order, and we will provide you with a quote for international postage and handling.

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