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Bring me Home (Demo 01)Demo 1
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Bring Me Home


I've been cold, And I've been tired. So very much alone

This world is filled with darkness. Please Jesus...Bring me home.


Bring me home sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus bring me home.

This house, so filled with Your Love, 'tis here where I belong.

To see your face, and hear your words, I praise your holy name.

Oh please, oh please sweet Jesus, hear me as I pray.


On this path, I walk in faith. I know not where it leads.

I trust my Lord and Savior. Your love shall bring me home



I have been found, Your time is now. I'm knocking at Thy door.

Filled with sin and helplessness, Your grace, has brought me home


The One and Only...

“The One and Only” is a Christian musical collaboration between Camilo (music) and Jeff (lyrics).

The first four songs for this album (“Bring Me Home”, "House Of Mine", "Better Day", and "Pray It") are now in the production stage. Currently the “rough demos” are completed (click on the audio clips) and the musicians are working on their individual parts. Once they are finished, we will compile their parts into “clean demos” and upload them to this webpage. Our hope is to then begin work on the music videos for these songs.                                                                                                                                  You can contact us directly or stay tuned to this webpage for updates.


Rough Demo 1


House of Mine


There are so many faces…voices that I long to hear,

They sing so many praises…that ask You to be near,

Now in my heart I ask…Why…oh why…am I here?


Why am I here?

What am I to do?

You called me…and I came.

You asked…and I said yes.

So- just tell me…tell me…why… am I here?




Come my child…

My child – I love so dear.

I have asked you- to this House of Mine,

for you to have no fear.

Hear to live

and here to Love    



Our Father – high above

and just so close

within my reach

with me, You do belong


Amended Chorus:

There are so many faces, voices that I Now Can hear,

We sing so many praises, that ask you to be near.

Now with my heart I thank You, because You brought me here.

House Of Mine Demo 1
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Rough Demo 1


Rough Demo 1

Better Day


Verse 1
I have been crushed.
I feel destroyed.
My hope, is fading fast.
This emptiness....consumes my soul.
I don't think that I can last.

Take my hand,
Walk with me.
I...will show you ..the way.
Together - Together -
We can find you a better day.

Verse 2
A better day.
Filled with hope.
Filled with Love.
Forever now to see.
A better day.
I have been found.
Was once lost.
With you Lord -I am free


On bended knee
I thank you Lord
Arms raised high.
I praise your name.
Jesus- King of Peace.
In I live.

Better DayDemo 1
00:00 / 01:54
Better DayDemo 1
00:00 / 01:54
Pray it! (Demo)Demo 1
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Pray It



I am broken, alone, and scared. So many sins, and so much sorrow.

I love thee Lord. But don’t know how.

Please take my spirit in your hand.


The evil within, remove it from my life. And fill- please fill, all that I am

With your love…your mercy…your grace…and grant me Peace.



I stand right here before you Lord. My heart, now open to your love.

My mind is ready to hear your word. My soul- it hungers for you.



Pray, Pray, Pray it to the Lord. Pray it out loud. And pray it strong.

Just lift up your voice and you’ll be heard. 

Sing Praise to Jesus. He is God’s word. Never be afraid to share your heart.

To get to salvation- you gotta start.




I know you have your dramas, and some excitements too.

Your heart, it may be broken, perhaps you’re in two.

There is one thing- a simple thing. It isn’t something new,

Just open up your heart, and pray to God so true.

Rough Demo 1

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