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Bring Me Home


I've been cold, And I've been tired. So very much alone

This world is filled with darkness. Please Jesus...Bring me home.


Bring me home sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus bring me home.

This house, so filled with Your Love, 'tis here where I belong.

To see your face, and hear your words, I praise your holy name.

Oh please, oh please sweet Jesus, hear me as I pray.


On this path, I walk in faith. I know not where it leads.

I trust my Lord and Savior. Your love shall bring me home



I have been found, Your time is now. I'm knocking at Thy door.

Filled with sin and helplessness, Your grace, has brought me home


Bring me Home (Demo 01)Demo 1
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Rough Demo 1

Bring me Home (Demo 01) [music] (1)
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