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Shop here for Sex toys Huonville Tasmania along with vibrators, male masturbators, vibrating bullets, eggs, and anal sextoys


Vibrators & Adult Sex Toys Hobart Tasmania

We will be adding more categories and products of our range of adult sex toys over the next few weeks. Please check back or contact us for more information.

Thrusting Rabbit Racer Vibe


Delight yourself with this exotic and glamorous vibrator. You will find your body captivated and aroused by the varying speeds of shaft rotation combined with the pleasurable thrusting motion. Whilst simultaneously indulging in the seven vibration modes of the clitoral stimulator. The combination of these three effects is certain to result in an over-wheedlingly sensuous experience.


All of these features are easily managed with the use of a finger tip control unit located at the base. Made from soft Silica Gel this vibrator is not only exceptionally comfortable, but also easy to clean and care for.

Splendid Thrusting Sex Toy with Clitoris Stimulator

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